Geophysical Hazards and Plate Boundary Processes in Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean
October 24, 2010 – October 27, 2010 , Costa Rica  •  more information
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This workshop brought together seismologists and other geophysicists from Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and the United States to plan and coordinate initiatives that will contribute to geophysical research and hazard mitigation in the region through international collaboration. Given the societal significance of the subject matter, in addition to participating scientists this workshop included the attendance of stakeholders from the public, private and development sectors. At the meeting, the participants recognized the need for seismological organizations in the region to form an alliance that would meet periodically to plan coordinated efforts.

The meeting report is available to download.

Organizing Committee Affiliation
Karen Fischer Brown Univ.
Jay Pulliam Baylor Univ.
Marino Protti Univ. de Costa Rica
Mauricio Mora Univ. de Costa Rica
Victor Huérfano Puerto Rico Seismic Network
Christa von Hillebrandt-Andrade National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Art Lerner-Lam Columbia Univ.
Ray Willemann IRIS Consortium
Olga Cabello U. S. State Department

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